We recognised that going with the normal flow is going to lead to a big waterfall… and a big crash.  The normal stream of income for non-profits is large grants from a few big funders, small grants from a bunch of other community trusts, combined with some personal donations and maybe a few contracts to provide services.  Unfortunately grant makers are capped out.  There’s simply no more money to go around and there is gradually less and less funding available to non-profits in New Zealand.
Instead of going with the flow – waiting for an inevitable crash, we want to go against the flow.  It’s harder to swim upstream, but we’re aiming to reach a place where a significant amount of funding can be provided for our charities working with children and young people through doing business, and doing it well.

Please don’t get us wrong!  We really appreciate the donors and grant-makers who have given generously to charities including those we support.  We know that all of you support these causes to the absolute limit of your ability.

UpstreamNZ is about creating a diversity of funding.

The “UpstreamNZ” Way

We also aim to do business in an ‘upstream’ way.  Many businesses can comes across as “all about the money” and carry out their business in a cut-throat manner. We aim to go upstream with our business practices. This is often harder, slower and draining, but the hard way is often the best for our community and planet.

Promote & Pass

We see business as providing genuine services and products that people need and UpstreamNZ aims to advocate for their approved businesses that will generate profits for good causes and impact the lives of children and young people in NZ.

Everyone Wins

Customers ( personal or business ) are already look for good businesses they need or want. We want to provide them with caring businesses we have approved based on our values, and can deliver on what the customers need. Purchasing a product or service from an UpstreamNZ approved business generates profits for our Good Causes that supports children and young people in NZ, and this impact has occurred because the customer made that choice.