Jo and Vince Taylor

Jo and Vince Taylor


We just had Vince and the team remove the old stipple, plaster and paint from our ceilings, and we’re delighted with their workmanship. I’m fussy, but they have done a fabulous job.They took care in masking, covering every surface in plastic sheeting, and left our place clean and tidy. Highly Recommended !

Beverley Hawkes


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About Solutions Canterbury Painters

Solutions Canterbury aims to be the first choice for clients who value extremely high standards, both in the finished product and the entire service experience, and want to partner with the leaders in the painting and decorating industry in the Canterbury region.

Solutions Canterbury, having more than 10 years experience in the industry, offer a wide and specific set of services for News Zealand’s home and building owners. Our trustworthy, friendly staff are carefully selected because they value Solutions Canterbury’s passion and enthusiasm for putting our clients’ high standards first.

Our Services

  • Plastering
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Fence Painting
  • Roof Painting

Why UpstreamNZ approved Solutions Canterbury Painters

We are stoked to have met and approved Jo and Vince. Not only are we certain you will get a great quality service, but they are incredibly valuable people that you can trust. We really value good people who have a good service and can deliver a good result.