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About “Air Con Heat Pump Cleaners”

We specialise in cleaning & sanitising of all makes and models of heat pumps, and have been cleaning them in the Christchurch area since 2009. We have a proven system and hundreds of very satisfied clients. Kevin Bedford is the friendly owner and operator of this company and is proud of the quality of his work. We know he’ll do a great job for your heat pump.

  • Did you know that your heat pump needs cleaning and servicing every year. It goes beyond just cleaning the filters.
  • A professionally cleaned heat pump can save you money, improve your air quality, and remove bad smells and annoying noises.
  • Heat pump / air conditioning systems have two coils and can become dirty. Blocked coils can reduce efficiency by up to 25%
  • We thoroughly clean both the inside and outside units of your heat pump to increase both the life span and performance.

Heat Pump Cleaning

Kevin Bedford from “Air Con Heat Pump Cleaners” is donating 10% of the total cost of your invoice. He is a proud supporter of the work that UpstreamNZ is set up to support.

  • Cleans inside unit thoroughly, including killing bacterial bugs
  • Thorough clean of outdoor unit.
  • Friendly and efficient service by Kevin Bedford
  • Leaves your room in a tidy condition
  • Affordable and effective

What we particularly like about Aircon heat pump cleaners

  • Honest and upfront in their relationships
  • Generous company willing to collaborate with other businesses for a bigger win
  • Excellent service with a smile