Upstream NZ is a social enterprise company established to enable Good Causes who support children & youth the ability to generate sustainable income. We currently support these two good causes in Canterbury, but our aim is to open this up to multiple good causes and improve the well-being of our children and young people.

Adding Life to Life!  We connect with a wide variety of young people and families. Some students are struggling at school, need a holiday from family stresses, need solid adults in their lives, or want to connect with new friends. CDN is all about connecting with young people wherever they’re at and giving them great role models to journey with, while bridging them to careers, study options and local clubs and youth groups!
Our programmes include Kids Holiday Camps, Teen Adventure Camps, 24-7 youth work, Big Night Out, Hornby Youth Hangout, and much more!  Each year we connect with 1,500 different young people and their families.  We are a Christian organisation, motivated by a desire to serve our community.


Hope for the Children funds counselling for children and young people.  For many the cost of counselling can be a huge barrier. It is important to see children and young people recognise their potential and we believe counselling is one way of contributing to this outcome. Our approved counsellors work towards helping children and young people build upon their strengths so they can overcome the challenges they face in today’s world.