Who is UpstreamNZ ?

Upstream is here to make profits… but it’s NOT about the money! We work at creating fair business partnerships which generate financial income and we use that income to fund good causes that support children and young people.  That’s all there is to it! We are unashamedly about making money – for good.  It’s not about the money – it’s always about the people. Click here to learn about our story.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver social and environmental impact. Although, there are a number of conversations around what make a business a social enterprise, UpstreamNZ is specifically set up so that shareholders can’t receive dividends from the company. UpstreamNZ is purposely set up as a business that is committed to generate profit for charities.

Click here to read more about social enterprises in New Zealand.

How does UpstreamNZ generate profit ?

UpstreamNZ aims to generate profits by a number of different ways. Currently we are primarily promoting and marketing for businesses through our networks. We generate a referral fee of these sales and contribute 100% of profits towards our Good Causes we support.

Can my business sell through Upstream NZ ?

We would be very interested in talking to you. UpstreamNZ aims to generate profits through advocating for different businesses. Click here to get in contact with us.

What if i have a problem / issue with a product or service that UpstreamNZ is advocating for ?

UpstreamNZ seeks to have a positive relationship with the businesses we advocate for.  As we don’t have any ownership or control of these companies however, we would encourage you to contact the service provider with your problem or issue.

If you are unhappy with any service you receive we would be interested in knowing about it.  Unfortunately we have no ability to act on behalf of you or any of our partners, but we also don’t want to be advocating for businesses if they demonstrate a pattern of poor quality, ethics or service delivery.

How does it work ?

If there is a product or service that you like to purchase, then select the particular one you want. The form will ask you for some key contact information. When you click submit this is sent to the selected business and UpstreamNZ. This enables us to trace your referral and make sure that a commission returns to UpstreamNZ. Without knowing whether an individual was referred to that business, it would be difficult to trace. When you click submit, you have two options to contact your business – by phone or email ( both give us the ability to track ).