We look for businesses that line up with the values we stand for. Every industry has companies that we would be proud to market for and direct sales towards. Since our model is based on trust and relationships, we know it’s essential to work alongside people we respect, admire and our Good Causes would be happy to refer to.

We’re passionate about seeing the community impacted and together we achieve this through the sales of your business.

This approval badge is a socially conscious symbol to consumers. It means that a business has been vetted and approved against our values by our trustees  and gives a contribution to charity if a sale has come through Upstream NZ tracking channels. These businesses have heard the heart of Upstream NZ, filled in our application and have had their signed agreements approved by our trustees.

If you’re a business that is keen to be apart of a purpose driven concept that seeks to impact the children and young people of our city –  we’d love to talk with you. Fill in your details to get an info pack sent with all the details