Application for Approval

Filling in this form gives us an insight into your company and whether we can collaborate together.
  • Past applicants have been vouched by people who have already part of the UpstreamNZ business family. This advocacy has given us greater insight in to the business applying.
    We look to work with and approve businesses that align well with the values we stand for and seek. This is hugely important to us, since our Good Causes are referring their valued supporters to you. We realise that no business is perfect, however because we want the best for our customers who will have high expectations of who they trust, it’s essential approve to a good standard. Please comment on your alignment with the values that UpstreamNZ stands for.
    “ you look after your customers and clients as if you were dealing with family ”
    “ you are trustworthy and honest in all your dealings ”
    “ willing to work together with like-minded businesses for win-wins ”
    “ you produce a quality product or service and stand behind what you sell ”
    “ you can commit to an ongoing charitable contribution from all sales to all customers referred by UpstreamNZ good causes ”
    “ you are committed to working towards sustainable environmental practices ”
  • To support your application, we welcome any comments on your alignment with our values we look for.